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About the tool

Rewind is a platform that allows users to save and refer back to anything they have seen, said, or heard. It records audio and video, automatically transcribes the content, creates timestamps, and stores it securely on the cloud, making it easily searchable and accessible. It allows users to quickly locate specific information and never miss a detail. It supports multiple languages and allows users to export the transcribed content and share it with others. Additionally, it allows users to refer back to past resources, making it a valuable tool for business, education, and personal use.

Key features

  • Creates timestamps for all transcribed text.
  • Refer back to important files and documents.
  • Search navigation for everything you’ve ever seen, said, or heard.

Additional information

The platform records your moves and uses advanced machine learning algorithms to automatically transcribe the content, creating an easily searchable and accessible archive for referring back to.
Rewind Preview

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